Sandra Salietti Aguilera, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto, Italy

Sandra began her training as a dancer at the Professional Conservatory in her native Barcelona, before joining the “Jeune Ballet de Cannes”, led by Paola Cantalupo, in 2009.

The following year, she landed her first professional contract at the “Ballet National de Marseille”, directed by Frédéric Flamand, where she danced pieces by Lucinda Child, Emanuel Gat, William Forsythe, Frédéric Flamand and Olivia Grandville.

Two years later, Sandra flew to Germany and joined the “Gärtnerplatztheater” in Munich, led by Karl Alfred Schneider. For 5 years, she nurtured her repertoire, performing emblematic works by William Forsythe, Antony Rizzi, Georg Reischl, Cristopher Roman, Michel Schumacher, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Karl Alfred Schneider, Jacopo Godani, Jo Stromgren, Edward Clug, Emanuele Soavi, Marco Goecke, Alexander Ekman, Cayetano Soto, Emanuel Gat, Mauro Astolfi, Nannine Linning, Margerit Donlon and Dadon Eyal.

In 2017, she joined the “Tanz Luzerner Theater”, under the direction of Kathleen McNurney, before joining the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto in 2020, where she still performs today.

In 2018, Sandra was named “Dancer of the Year” by Swiss Free Scene; in 2019, the same distinction was awarded by Tanz Magazine, and she received the title of “Outstanding Performer” at the Copenhagen International Choreographic Competition. In 2023, she won the “Outstanding Performer” award at the Masdanza International Choreographic Competition.