“Another marvellous performance of the Hivernales 2022. There are no words to describe this success. I found myself on a cloud of happiness, away from everything that plagues our existence. A thunder of bravos to the organizer, bravo to these marvellous dancers, bravo to all your team. See you in 2023! Y. D.-R.

“This short message to congratulate you! 10 years of wonderment… A show that my daughter and I would not miss for anything in the world! Congratulations for your investment, for your tenacity, for your rigour which made this event a must in Liege! It always takes me a few hours after the show to come out of it completely … Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering us such perfection! I can’t wait for next year! M. M. 

“March 13, 2022, it was a Sunday under the sun for some; heads in the stars for others. The Hivernales de la Danse was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Already. In 2012, Marie Doutrepont made the ambitious bet that she can create a gala that would bring together the most talented principal dancers from around the world. And suddenly, this crazy project came to life at the Manège de la Caserne Fonck. A concept that did not yet exist in Belgium. Culture needed it. Liege needed it. 10 years of wonder, of extraordinary talent, of breathtaking shows, of timeless moments. Grandiose, vibrant, moving. This anniversary edition ticks all the boxes. Standing ovation, as always. Rain of glitter. What was missing from this gala, if not a small step by Marie Doutrepont? See you next year, and all the following years. F. B.

« …At the risk of repeating myself for the 3rd time, bravo and thanks for this Hivernales concert!
Taking up the challenge each year to put on a concert with this kind of quality shows true grit…the emotion of seeing you pull it off once again only adds to the thrill of watching the dancers. We are so lucky to have them in Liège, just for us for two days: we discover new talents, we are delighted to see our gala “regulars” return, we feel like a privileged audience, we clamour for these smoothly executed variations and pas de deux, bringing us a show where creativity is just as important as tradition. In short, we love it, and we want more
Les Hivernales has become the must-see show in November for my god-daughter, a budding dancer, who told me as yesterday’s show came to a close, ‘It’s too short, luckily I have the photos and autographs in my programme to keep me going until next year!’ and I have to admit that I agree with her. All our best wishes until next time! » F.P.

« 14 dazzling principals in amazing solos, duos, trios, a presenter who is both eloquent and likeable, organisation combining sophistication and simplicity, too rare these days, three discrete yet ever-present musicians, child dancers who make your heart sing just to see how thrilled they are to be on stage…a real treat. An evening that we never tire of, the programme goes from strength to strength, with surprise after surprise, the sort of show we’d like to enjoy more often. » G.O.

« My most heartfelt congratulations for this weekend’s triumph. What great work and what a pleasure… A thousand thanks for bringing us so many emotions and such excellence. » M.N.

« …Bravo for the professionalism of this (seemingly) flawless organisation and thanks for offering Liège a magical return to dance. These last two days, the show not only brought these principal dancers to the stage but truly put stars in our eyes! I won’t beat about the bush with my praise…the standing ovation we’ve just given speaks for itself…It seems like a long time to wait until next year but, like so many other fans, I’ll be there! Long live the Stage de Danse and Les Hivernales de la Danse!!! » F.P.

« A whirlwind of emotions has swept me away this afternoon…I might be a philistine, but this ballet has blown me away. My sincere congratulations to you all! » L.H.