“Dix ans d’Etoiles”

To leave an indelible mark of these 10 years of shared emotions, a new symbolic project has become the obvious: the Hivernales de la Danse Book. 

Published at the end of November 2022, it retraces a decade of Stars through exclusive images, personal accounts, anecdotes, and impressive shots of the many guest Stars dancers who have trod on the Hivernales stage.

The book has been designed as an object, covered with a poster, playing with colours and textures, while retaining the very essence of Les Hivernales: the emotion of the Stars.

From photography to graphic design, including drawing, this book-object is a reflection of the discipline it represents. Like the Hivernales de la Danse, it takes lovers of dreams, beauty and culture into the exciting and inaccessible world of the Ballet Stars, awakening discovery through the eyes and the touch.

Since dance is so universal, we wanted this book to be bilingual in French and English, enabling it to travel beyond our borders. With this in mind, we were lucky to count on emblematic artists from Les Hivernales to preface the book: Maria Kochetkova and Sebastian Kloborg, Freelance Principal and Soloist, for the English; Ludmila Pagliero, Principal Dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, for the French.

Treat yourself and make others happy!

The Hivernales Book, the IDEAL gift for any occasion. You can order your copy directly from our website below. 

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(Re)Discover Les Hivernales de la Danse and let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of the Stars…

The Book-Object of Les Hivernales de la Danse