Les Hivernales de la Danse

Bringing the crème de la crème of international classical and contemporary dance to Liège… That’s the crazy challenge of “Les Hivernales de la Danse”, created in 2012 by Marie Doutrepont.

Emotions, excellence and high points are some of the characteristics of this prestigious Gala, where excerpts from the great classical repertoire and emblematic contemporary pieces are mixed up, while giving prominence to contemporary creation. Although it may seem that this programme is exclusively for connoisseurs, this is not the case…  The diversity of styles, the virtuosity of the dancers, as well as the raw and contemporary atmosphere of the place allow both the neophyte and the enthusiast to escape and be touched by the Art of Dance in almost unexpected ways.

For the 10th anniversary of “Les Hivernales”, a book/object has been created: “Dix ans d’Etoiles”. This book allows everyone to experience the magic of the Ballet Stars again, in the comfort and warmth of home. This compendium of emotions now travels the world, thanks to its readers, spreading the story of “Les Hivernales” and its prestigious artists far beyond our borders.

In 2022, the “Prix des Hivernales“, an international classical and contemporary dance competition for young dancers aged between 12 and 19, was created. As the desire to pass on, guide and educate the younger generation was in the DNA of the association, this project made sense. By becoming members of the jury, the Gala’s dancers are now playing another role, offering the finalists an accurate, constructive, and benevolent look at their performances. The Prix aims to be a career boost. That is the reason why we are developing close relationship with a number of dance institutions, so that we can offer scholarships, professional immersions, international training courses and money prizes to the winners.

The 12th edition of “Les Hivernales” shows a major change: the move towards a full Festival. Les Hivernales 2024 aims to be enriched by new moments, new encounters, and new dynamics, both for the dance community in Belgium, in all its richness and diversity, and for audiences far removed from dance and culture in general. 

The power of dance to bring people together is universal. The Hivernales’ community is convinced that through movement, sharing and discovery, we can do good, forge bonds, soothe souls…

Les Hivernales de la Danse 2.0 is on the move, and has a whole host of dance surprises in store for you…