Joining the Paris Opera Dance School in 2013, Inès took all her classes in the French school’s pure tradition. As a talented pupil, she had the opportunity to tackle her first soloist roles in “Raymonda” and “Spring and Fall” by John Neumeier, and the principal role in “Les deux pigeons” by Albert Aveline.

With her schooling completed in 2019, she joined the corps de ballet at the Paris Opera Ballet, aged just 16, promoted to Coryphée in April 2021. This promotion gave her the chance to work on several soloist roles, particularly the pas de deux in “Flamme de Paris” requiring a very high technical level.

Inès’s appearance at Les Hivernales de la Danse Gala is the result of a close collaboration with the “Exclusive International Ballet Program”, an international course run by Thomas Gallus and Robert Tewsley. Every year, one exceptional student is rewarded with an invitation to appear in the Les Hivernales de la Danse Gala. Inès won the first edition of the course in 2019.