Crystal Huang: young guest dancer as part of our collaboration with the Youth American Grand Prix

From an early age, Crystal has showed obvious physical qualities, coupled with rigorous work and an insatiable thirst for learning. A multidisciplinary artist and versatile dancer, she excels not only in Ballet but also in many other disciplines.  

Her career path is a reflection of her passionate character, as she juggled between various schools from 2011 to 2020, including Yoko’s Dance and Performing Arts Academy, Nevada School of Ballet, and the Rock Center for Dance in Las Vegas.

Crystal took part in the Summer Intensive at the prestigious Juilliard School, before joining the Bayer Ballet Academy in 2023, where she continues her training. 

Her determination and talent have led her to shine on the stage of numerous international competitions, winning prestigious awards and scholarships. These include the Youth American Grand Prix,

where she won bronze at the 2022 and 2023 finals in Tampa. It’s thanks to this new collaboration with the prestigious organization that we’re welcoming Crystal on the Hivernales’ stage.

Just a few weeks ago, the young American conquered Europe by winning the 4th Prize at the Prix de Lausanne and the Contemporary Dance Award. At the tender age of 15, this talented young dancer is already making a name for herself!

As a multi-faceted artist, she has also appeared in several films, most recently in Break the Floor Production’s ‘Father’s Day’.

Crystal Huang